Set of four bullets

Set of four bullets

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One of the most unique and stylish options to protect your wealth with precious metal bullet bullions made from 999 Fine Silver and in different weights and sizes!

Each of these sets comes with 4 different bullet replicas in the following weights: 1 oz, 2 oz, 5 oz and 10 oz. It comes with a distinctively smooth finish granting it more class.

Shaped after the exact shape of the actual ammunition (but not suitable for handguns). The 1 oz silver bullet is modelled after the .45 calibre bullet, the 2 oz after the .308 calibre round, the 5 oz after a shotgun round and the 10 oz after the .50 calibre ammo. Each of the bullets feature selective gold and rhodium plating, which makes it further resemble an actual bullet. Gold plating is added to the bottom of the rounds or shell, and rhodium to the other parts of the bullets, which makes them shinier than regular silver bullets.

These silver bullets come in a protective black box and have inscriptions of the metal weight, type and purity on the bottom of the replicas.


Ships within protective packaging
Consisting of 18 oz of 999 Fine Silver
Contains 4 different bullet replicas: 1 oz (.45 cal), 2 oz (.308 cal), 5 oz (1
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