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    A directory service from COINSHOP helping business get paid in silver and gold. 


    At COINSHOP it's our belief that good business is where you find it.


    This site is...


    - a directory of sellers (free listings) who accept Silver as payment for their products and services

    - a catalogue of products and services for sale, for paid up vendors, sold right here, so their clients can visit and purchase online in Aussie dollars, via direct transfer or debit/credit card.


    After payment is received we pass orders to the vendor and we pay them, in Silver, on the buyers behalf.


    Vendors take a listing here, to be paid in Silver, and to allow a visitor/buyer to us their normal Aussie currency to pay.


    We're just here to facilitate and accelerate a transaction...and turn that into Silver for the seller.


    Oh...and to administer the directory...come and check it out, here.