• Spend my Silver

    Shop, anywhere, with your silver

  • The most common question we're asked is...


    "... where can I actually go to spend my silver"


    So we're birthing SPEND MY SILVER.


    ...a place where you can tell us (form below) about a local shop/service/supplier where you want to be a customer, and pay in silver.


    Here's what we do ...


    - we will immediately call the shop/supplier/service

    - we'll purchase a credit there in $AUD, as close to the value you wish to spend

    - we'll hold that credit

    - we'll quote you in silver so you are, next, buying the credit off us, in silver.


    (ofcourse, as silver climbs in value, it'll likely cost you less and less silver to buy the same value, each time you do it.)


    - you send us the agreed silver

    - when your silver arrives, we'll send you a credit note/voucher to the agreed value, and you can go shopping !!


    BOOKMARK THIS PAGE and save it to your homescreen.

    If you have a local shop you wish to tell us about immediately, please tell us...immediately.


    We'll make contact there asap and buy credit for you.

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