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  • What is Silver Changer ?

    Hi folks...

    Giving you a heads up on a new 'department/division/service' that will launch as soon as I've done the detail for the calculations and service fees.

    In a nutshell...

    It's named SILVER CHANGER and is a support service, that charges in silver or cash, for a client to convert any coins/bars of gold/silver from one format, to another.

    e.g. you have a kilo of silver (bar) and you want to change it to multiple 1oz kangaroo coins.

    While on the face of it, that's 1kg = 32 ounces (i.e. 32 coins) in fact the service might charge 2 ounces and return you 30 coins.

    Clients can chunk up from small, or break down from big.

    If you are ready to seek a quotation for your own metal change project please complete the form that follows...
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