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    The current template for introducing COINSHOP by email to a new party

  • Dear [Recpient name],


    You made a very generous offer to allow me to introduce COINSHOP. Thank you.


    I'd like to take the first step, and connect you to a few minutes of reading, across the various 'departments' that make up our current offering.


    Much of it can be summarized as ...


    "Services that create a smooth path for the purchase, education, storage, exchange, accounting and income generation from precious metals"


    Each of the unique 'service departments' are already up and running with existing clients using and benefiting.


    They are...


    www.silver-sender.com :

    - serving customers who are paying for a purchase in gold of silver, at the request of the service supplier (maybe a tradie) who has asked for remittance in precious metals


    www.silverbackvault.com :

    - a vaulted storage service where precious metals, with certificate of ownership issued, sit in store, and allow clients to 'spend against' their stored metal. Silver backed spending essentially.


    www.trademysilver.com :

    - a free 'directory', a la "The Yellow Pages", listing vendors of all disciplines wishing to announce their willingness to be paid in gold and silver.


    www.silver-seller.com :

    - an affiliate program for any business to represent our store front, with no more work than the sharing of a URL, permitting that business to refer precious metal buyers and receive a reward for that referral, with no logistics burden. All order processing and shipping, tracking, insurance is taken care of by us.


    The Coin Exchange Office (CEO), www.coin-shop.club/ceo :

    - a community centered 'local office' (viz a viz general store) where transactions of any size, between any 'currencies' are facilitated and accelerated, with an emphasis on wealth storage and lubricating transactions between vendor specialists.


    ...and ofcourse, but not a primary focus... www.coin-shop.club/store ... the 'front door' sales store where gold, silver, platinum, palladium, diamonds, rings, plate, granules, wire etc, can all be ordered online.


    We've been very lucky in the first year of activity attracting vaulters, Mums and Dads with $200 in their hand to buy birthday pressies for their kids, and retirees with cash in hand from the fresh sale of a property, wanting to convert 300k to metal and lock it away.


    As always, new market wisdom, new connections, and experienced feedback are immensely valuable.


    I wish that you would help me to roll the dream out to as many corners of your empire that it may naturally resonate with.


    Ofcourse, I stand by.


    ...and would love nothing better that to bring my passion for this project to your mind, and share a coffee or more, at your next opportunity.


    Please start with a quick 2 minute read of our front door, the story at the base of the page will give anyone a speedie intro...here...




    Big business handshake to you.


    Kind regards

    [Your name]

    [Your phn]

    [Your email]

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