• Yes !

    You found one.

    ...and here's the email we send them.

    Dear {{NAME}}

    We're writing to you at the request of one of your customers.


    They are a silver user in their own private life.

    ...that is

    ...they own, trade in, store and exchange silver, in their normal business life. It's silver they get from us.

    They love the products and services you offer and they genuinely think your business might benefit from connecting with us.

    We create powerful business services (that cost you nothing) allowing you and your customers to transact in silver.

    Those services include systems that let a person pay, on their own phone and debit card and that payment is sent to you as silver. (or Aussie dollars if you want it that way)

    Also, we're inviting you to accept their payment in silver coins and we'll even buy them off you at agreed rates, unless you're already savvy enough that you understand, it's better to keep.

    Our silver vendor network is growing fast. Many who join us also sell silver over the counter...or act as an affiliate to our business, for a reward on that silver sale turnover.

    We'd love to introduce this more fully, and we trust that you'll connect and explore the idea, if you are curious.

    This is the only email we send...and it all started because one of your existing clients filled in a form at our web.

    With kind regards
    The team at PAY ME SILVER