• Thank you - Paid

    Now show the Blackbird staff

    Thanks for using PAY ME SILVER to help Blackbird Cafe get paid in silver.


    We assume you are in the cafe right now.


    You must still ask a staff member for the items you've ordered and you may need to open your emailed receipt to show the order you've paid for.


    We are the processing engine that takes your payment and converts it to silver for the vendor.


    The items you've ordered will only be prepared when you ask for them.

    We run the GRIFFINS vendor group you just bought from

    We're seeking every day vendors...YOU...if you're willing to be paid in silver and gold for your services.
    Come and learn about the GRIFFINS group, and our plans to support, promote and help you do business in that community.

    For free, we'll list your service to be accesible by a public lookup. We call this a BRONZE account.


    We also have two service levels you pay for that create a facility for visitors to pay in Australian dollars, direct debit or by card, then we pass you the order and pay you in Silver and Gold. Info here... www.paymesilver.com